Journal of Diabetes Nursing- Aims & Scopes
JDN Headings

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The purpose of publishing JDN is to publish the best papers of "Diabetes Care" field in the below headings:

  1. Diabetic nursing in hospital
  2. Diabetic nursing in work
  3. Diabetic nursing at home
  4. Diabetic nursing care plane
  5. Diabetic nursing teaching
  6. Diabetic ketosis nursing critical care planning
  7. Nursing care plan for hyperglycemia
  8. Teaching plan for diabetes mellitus
  9. Nutrition recommendation for diabetes
  10. Interventions for diabetes
  11. Diabetic foot prevention
  12. Care planning for diabetic foot
  13. Hypoglycemia emergency care plan
  14. Nursing care planning for diabetes Type I
  15. Nursing diagnosis for diabetes Type II
  16. Nursing diagnosis related to diabete

The specialists and researchers of these fields and also the postgraduate medical students can send JDN their new scientific findings can results in the form of Original Research, Review or Case Report articles that will be published after precise and accurate peer review process in order to increase the knowledge and solve the problems of Iran.

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